Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fui ni 1st-4th Day Sales are LOW & Char Comparisons W/Dear J

It was a big suprise to many people. I doubt anyone was expecting the sales to be THIS low. It's crazy considering how much Dear J sold, but Dear J had some different circumstances. Dear J was her solo debut, so there was lots of buzz on this solo debut of an AKB48 member, considering she was the first AKB48 member with a solo debut. Also, Dear J was MUCH more marketable. It didn't have the complicated tone changing beats that Fui ni had. I personally prefer Dear J to Fui ni, but Fui ni is still an amazing song.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

[Fui ni] Promotions on "Coming Soon!!"

After Tomochin preformed Fui ni at a fan event and people were saying that she couldn't sing well live. This TOTALLY proves every anti-Tomomi wrong. Shes actually really good live when she isn't drinking ;)

Tomomi turned 20

On July 3rd Itano Tomomi turned 2o years old. Now that shes 20 she is considered a legal adult in Japan. That means she can smoke and drink!

Friday, July 1, 2011

FULL Fui ni PV

The amazing Fui ni PV was fully released today! It features Tomochin in many different clothes and in many different positions.

Tomomi June 30th Blog Post: Goodnight

[Itano Tomomi] Goodnight
2011-06-30 22:11:31

This morning I also did a CM!

And,did a photoshoot for smart and Boys Training and did a recording ^^

Fatigue? A cold? Vocal chords hurting and making it hard to talk……

It makes me anxious ._.

So I should get to bed early ^^

So that I’ll feel better by tomorrow.

Goodnight ;)


Tomomi June 29th Blog Post: CM

[Itano Tomomi] CM
2011-06-29 09:23:26

Yesterday I filmed a CM all day ^^

From morning until evening *_*

It was a really cute CM, so I’m looking forward to its completion ^^

And today I’m filming for a different CM ^^

I’m going to really get into it!

Anyway, the weather was great yesterday and today too!

It’s summer~ ♥

I want to eat ice cream!!

But, in Tomo’s case I want to eat ice cream all year round (hehe)

Indeed, I want to go to the pool or beach too

I wonder if I’ll have a summer vacation this year~ ?


Fui ni Full Song + PV Preview

The full radio rip of Fui ni is out! This songs is amazing! I really like it, it sounds very dance pop-ish. The preview of the PV is also out! It's so sexy and nice. The PV fits the songs so well!!!